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Teachers can adjust grades usually with a plus or a minus based on your participation, improvement, or other factors. If the third reader agrees with the second reader, then your grade is based on the agreement of readers two and three. Most classes have tutors from the Writing Center that work with you and point out strengths and weakness in your writing.

Could two people in my portfolio group agree that I deserve a B and then my teacher give me a C anyway because of absences or class participation? My teacher said that I have to type single space, have fewer than two sentence fragments, and underline the thesis statement in every essay just to get a C.

If a teacher over in Biology looks up your grade in WRTthey should be assured that this grade basically reflects how well you write, not your attendance, your improvement, or your good or bad attitude.

Typically you should not expect your grade to be adjusted beyond a plus or a minus for the grade the portfolio group which includes your teacher as first reader gives you. The teacher will be able to tell you where she thinks the paper falls within the range of A to F.

Your teacher is part of your portfolio group and his or her feedback on your paper should be counted as feedback from the portfolio group. It seems to me that the portfolio-grading system is all about judging final products.

If the second reader does not agree with your teacher, then a third reader will be asked to read your portfolio. See question 2 4. If the teacher says your paper is probably a low B or a C, your next question should be: If the second reader in the group agrees with the first reader about the grade for your portfolio, then that agreement will determine the grade you receive on the portfolio.

For most students, a grade is not necessary for early drafts because the proper focus is on what the paper could be, not on what it is.

If the second reader does not agree with your teacher, a third reader is asked to read your portfolio and decide which of the first two readers is closest to the standards that the portfolio group has agreed about during the semester.

This agreement between two Writing professors will constitute the bulk of your grade. Teachers often have "minimum requirements" that they want every paper to meet.

When teachers have such requirements that may not be the same as other teachers in the portfolio group, they will enforce those requirements by making sure you meet them before you submit a portfolio to the portfolio group at the end of the term. What is supposed to be in my portfolio?

The portfolio group therefore wants to be general in their assessment of your writing. The standards will develop after discussing samples from your class and other classes throughout the semester.

If the third reader agrees with your teacher, then the grade stands. In fact, because the portfolio group grading system focuses on what you can do at the end of the semester as represented by your portfolio, it encourages and gives opportunity for every paper except for the in-class paper to be revised.

They want to look at three samples of your writing and describe the group of three as "excellent," "good," "average," or "below average or failing. The portfolio groups are only concerned with grading. Every student should submit three papers, including one with citations and references.

Your teacher and the other students should help you make good choices about what goes in the final portfolio. Students that submit work from another class or work that is not his or her own will be failed and the dean of students will be notified.

Why is a group of Writing teachers reading my papers and determining my final grade rather than just my own teacher? This way, everyone who reads your portfolio will assume it has met any teacher-specific minimum requirements.

I like to have grades during the semester so that I know how well I am doing. What happens if one person in the portfolio group grades much harder than the others?

WRT-150 - Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

Revision is the heart of the writing process. Does my teacher have any say as to what grade I get on my portfolio and what grade I receive in this class?WRT is a floor-mounted rotary arm stretch wrapper that can process up to 50 loads per hour. The rotary arm rotates around a stationary load.

It’s a safe and highly effective way to wrap very light, tall, heavy or unstable loads. A Guide to First-Year Writing at Grand Valley State University WRT Edited by Dauvan Mulally 13th Edition Grand Valley State University. Welcome to the Writing Assignment and Portfolio Grading Management System.

This website will make your life and the life of your teacher much easier when it comes to handing in drafts during the semester and the Final Portfolio at the end of the semester.

Writing is a course that is designed to give you practice and instruction in the various kinds of writing that you will be asked to do throughout college. The portfolio group therefore wants to be general in their assessment of your writing. WRT - Strategies in Writing Students practice a variety of rhetorical forms and develop structure, style, and voice.

They invent, plan, draft, revise, and edit, formulate and support arguments, and incorporate sources.

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Wrt 150
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