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Hold your typed Title Page or Signature Page up to the light along with a copy of the appropriate template to check alignment of all elements. The digital copy made available online. If you have been granted an embargo, the full-text of your thesis will not appear publicly until after this period has elapsed - but bibliographic details of your thesis author, title, degree, department will be made publicly available.

What will happen if I submit my thesis late without an approved extension? If this is due to medical or other adverse circumstances then it is considered to be good cause and a period of medical leave may be granted.

Nomination of the Committee of Examiners form What happens if the thesis is submitted before the Committee of Examiners form is received? This may also cause a delay in arranging your viva. Retrospective applications will only be approved under exceptional circumstances.

An extension cannot normally be granted on the grounds of employment. It Thesis submission form strathclyde your responsibility to bring any factors that may affect your abilty to submit your thesis on time to the attention of the Graduate School and your supervisors before your expected thesis submission date.

Pack the copies tightly in a stiff corrugated box for shipping. Can I submit the Intention to Submit Form with my soft bound thesis?

No, the thesis will not be sent to the examiners until the form has been completed in full and has been approved Extension to Thesis Submission Date What do I do if I need extra time to complete my thesis? If you need extra time to submit your thesis you may be granted either a suspension or an extension.

Not unless there have been exceptional circumstances which prevented you from submitting your application at the correct time. Your thesis cannot be sent to the examiners without receipt of this form. Ill health accompanied by medical certification ; Death of a person with whom a close relationship can be demonstrated e.

The period of your leave will be added to your expected thesis submission date and a revised date will be recorded on your student record. The Department Chair signature is only required for Embargo.


Submitting your thesis All research students should submit the Notice of Intention to Submit a Thesis for a Higher Degree by Research no later than three months in advance of their completion date. If an application is not submitted within this timeframe, it may not be taken forward for consideration.

We strongly encourage you to not place access restrictions on deposited items. The Intention to Submit form can be downloaded here. However, we understand that there may be times when restricted access is necessary.

Submitting your thesis

Verify this with your Thesis Chair. If you do not notify the Graduate School of your circumstances you may not be granted an extension to your thesis submission date unless you can provide a good reason why this information could not be presented in time.

Thesis Template for University of Strathclyde

The form should be submitted to the Graduate School about 3 months before your expected thesis submission date. Medical Leave If additional time is required because you are unable to work on your thesis for reasons of medical or other adverse circumstances i.

Extensions dealt with in this way will adversely affect the College submission rates if the final duration of study is more than 4 years.

The University and most finding bodies now require researchers who collect data of some sort as part of their work to write a Data Management Plan DMP.

For guidance on using DMPonline and an introduction to data management researchers should attend training which can be booked through MyCampus https: All that should change between the first and second format review deadlines should be the formatting changes required by the Thesis Editor.

Yes this form can be submitted with your thesis. It is important to check the requirements for the electronic version of your thesis before you reach the point of submission.

MSc Res students are not normally liable to pay a thesis pending fee unless their requirement for supervision is greater than would normally be expected following the end of the usual period of study. Similarly if there is the intention to publish the whole, or extracts from your thesis, you may want to restrict access to the electronic version.

Thesis Submission and Examination

Your thesis will not be sent to the examiners until a completed form has been submitted to the Graduate School and approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies There is a problem appointing a convener, can the thesis be sent to the examiners in the meantime? This process usually begins around 3 months before your expected submission date.

Extensions dealt with in this way will not affect the College submission rates however your student ID card will not be active during the period of leave. Early submissions are appreciated.A telephone strathclyde form thesis submission interview will not publish books that treat each single page summary of various perspectives on urban community - based documents, assess problem - solving skills to the needs of any exceptions to it.

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1 NATIONAL BOARD OF EXAMINATIONS NEW DELHI Thesis Submission General Instructions • Incomplete submission forms will not be considered.

• Complete the form enclosed in BLOCK LETTERS only. • Use Black/Blue Ball pen only to fill up the form. • Fees for thesis Evaluation is Rs. /. *** Many PhD students have a final thesis submission date of 30 *** Many PhD students have a final thesis submission date of skip to content.

Study at Cambridge; About the University One completed Deposit and Copying of Dissertation Declaration Form. Return completed forms to the Student Registry. Put "Thesis Submission Info Form" in the Subject line. Submit your final and committee approved thesis to [email protected] The thesis can be submitted as a single PDF, or as two separate PDFs: The Preliminary and Content Pages can be separate.

Format and Submission of Theses submission form. Prior to any award being made, the candidate must submit a hard bound copy to Strathclyde Institutional Repository.

Supplementary Material. A thesis may be accompanied by supplementary material of a non-print form. Such material, where possible, shall accord with University. Thesis Submission for Staff Member – Degree of Master.

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Thesis submission form strathclyde
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