The roots of our fascination with fairy tales and the symbolism they contain

An Overview Summary and Keywords Because the marvelous elements in fairy tales call for an explanation, a cohort of bright minds have pored over the problem of fairy-tale symbolism.

The Function of Animals in Fairy Tales and Fables

In order to heal we need to deal with the unconscious shadow sides of ourselves — those aspects that we have hidden away for fear that they are not acceptable.

Think of the Buddhist philosophy that the root of all suffering is attachment. Second, the very assumption of an error-driven tradition shuns the possibility of meaningful variations.

Fairytales and Symbols

The very opposite of the nurturing mother. To understand why solely animals and no humans are the characters of fables, it is important to take a look at the origin of this genre.

He is also associated with the magician Merlin in Arthurian legend. Such was the prevailing understanding in the 19th century. Through his antics and questioning of norms, he transforms those around him and fools his pupils into seeing through the illusion of time and the physical world.

Alice falls down a rabbit hole into Wonderland, a completely mystical world. Most of us have met a couple of wolves along the way! This entry into the dark unknown sides of ourselves is common in most fairy tales and represented by enchanted forests, fierce animals, deep oceans, deserts, wildernesses, and wastelands amongst others.

He is both destroyer and creator of the world and yet not of the world. On the one hand, the evolutionist hypothesis stresses survival in time. Sigmund Freud Sigmund Freud proposed another variation on the notion that symbols are the fossilized survivals of archaic metaphors.

She is innocent and unable to distinguish between the sweet goodness of Grandma and the inherent evil of the wolf.

The Looking Glass : New Perspectives on Children's Literature

This metaphor—unlike the unidirectional Freudian symbol—works both ways: They are fantasy stories; hence it is common for mythical creatures like beasts, dwarfs or unicorns to appear in diverse fairy tales among humans and animals.

Works Cited List 1. It would also have been relatively easy to get lost in a dense forest and that would also have represented danger.

The wolf is also associated with a man who is sexually predatory. As a unemotional reflection of events and in some belief systems the soul, the mirror is not able to lie, just as our mirrors today, cannot, in spite of our desire, shed 10 kilos for us or lose those wrinkles!. He was said to teach by tricking his pupils, much as happens in the Native American tradition of Coyote medicine, described in the books by Carlos Castaneda or Brer Rabbit in the books of the same name by Joel Chandler Harris.

Fairy tales read as so many variations on a psychological story line permeated with Self, Shadow, Anima, and Animus. The notion that tales were invented only once and then traveled, while carrying the cultural mark of their place of origin, had a worthy exponent in Emmanuel Cosquin.

Her work has been featured on Thought Catalog, Catapult Community, and other online publications. The interpretation of symbols can differ from culture to culture. As Cinderella learns to differentiate between good and bad, her new dress reflects that change, since inner change correlates with outside alteration as well.

Metaphors in Fairy Tales: A metaphor always works both ways … it is like a two-way street. When he heard this, the wolf for it was the big bad wolf himself politely asked: Mirrors In days past, mirrors were expensive and a luxury reserved for the wealthy. We cannot find our way out of the forest or turn back until we have completed this stage of our journey, but to do so also carries danger and we need courage to surpass its perils.Home» Blog» Parenting» Hidden Meanings in Children’s Fairy Tales.

dissects stories and finds symbolism in fairy tales that parallel the adult spirit. The flying monkeys and the. Learning about Ourselves Through Fairy Tales: Their Psychological Value Meredith B.

Mitchell observe and do in our daily lives. Several fairy tales are presented to illustrate their The words fairy and tale themselves contain the answer. What are the major themes and symbols in Grimm's Fairy Tales? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 2 Answers. Mark Harrison, IT Consultant, What is the symbolism of breadcrumbs in Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale?

Do fairy tales exist or are they a. If we can teach our children how to deal with fear and violence in a healthy way by using good examples from folk and fairy tales, our world (hopefully) will become a better place.

Works Cited. Bettelheim, Bruno. The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales. New York: Random House, ; reprint, New York: Vintage Books, FAIRY TALES AND THEIR INNER MEANINGS symbolism.

Nearly all fairy tales are encoded spiritual and moral lessons (‘road maps’) of great Secondly, each character in the story or tale portrays a state or condition of our character, consciousness, spiritual development or human nature.

In other words, it is about our strengths. They were, in real life, herbalists, healers and often midwives – not the dark force they have become in fairytales. Their persecution occurred as a result of the Christian need to separate God from nature and the pagan religions who worshiped animal and earth related divinities.

The roots of our fascination with fairy tales and the symbolism they contain
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