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Such perspective, however, understates and underestimates the potential for individual emancipation, growth, learning and ultimately affirmation outside the community settings envisioned by Wenger. Phenomenography Crossroad, 20 Oct.

Seligman, theory of preparedness Studies: He began working with animals, and completes his PhD in only three years.

Basic assumptions of the learning perspective[ edit ] Only behaviour that can be seen may be studied. This differs greatly from the social nature of learning found in Constructivism and also from the collaborative learning approach outlined in the socio-cultural perspective. One of his famous experiments on problem solving was using a cat and confining it in a box from which it could release it self by pressing against a lever.

The environment is highly socialized and contextualized, as it results from the stratification of experience over time. Using the preceding paragraphs as a starting point, I will now address similarities and differences in the three dimensions of the other two perspectives.

Unlike Constructivism, Phenomenography does not appear to make many epistemological and philosophical assumptions.

Communities of practice are the setting for such learning.

I would like to write some final considerations that may add some personal touch to an otherwise very academic paper. So eventually the dog will salivate whenever it hears the bell sound because he would associate the sound of the bell with being fed.

As most of the approaches in psychology we can also argue that we can find the origins of the learning perspective back from the ancient Greece times.

In which he finds out that for learning to occur its required an extensive behavior. And with some further studies he led in to higher-order conditioning. In one of his major works Behaviorism he promotes his ideas, which he was willing to tests them even using his own children.

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From a systemic point of view, my newly acquired understanding of these issues will affect my own interaction with others and my shifting roles as a teacher, learner, participant, observer, mentor, and learning partner. Understanding the learning process is pivotal to the success of education, both as an institutional enterprise and as a personal engagement aimed at making sense of the world.

F Skinner He can be classified as the best known American behaviorist, and the founder of operant conditioning. Principles and practice in phenomenographic research. Unfortunately, given the limited length of this essay, I cannot fully explore such debate.

Neutral stimulus without any specific reaction tied to it. This discussion about nature vs nurture continues in to all times in Europe and it confronts with the idea of dualism a man consists of a soul and a body that can be studied separately which was brought up by the French philosopher Descartes.

Custom The Learning Perspective Essay. A desirable and healthy way to think usually focuses on the past, present and future in a bid to experience freedom in life.

The essay is divided into three sections. The theory states that humans can fast and easily learn some behaviors through classical conditioning, and that this behavior is also more resistant to extinction, because humans are biologically prepared to learn it.

In the Socio-cultural perspective experience transcends the role assigned to it in Constructivism and Phenomenography, where it is considered a means towards knowledge acquisition. It occurs at the interface of several events that can influence both the learners and the outcome of their efforts.

Phenomenography accurately examines the pros and cons of deep and surface learning approaches, linking them to academic reading requirements. He fed the rats with saccharine water containing a poison that would give them a stomach ache, making the rats develop an aversion towards saccharine water.

The intent to take action stems from the awareness of a perceived act and thinking is just a way to prepare one to act. When the presenting of food was repeatedly coupled with another, neutral stimulus, such as a bell chiming, the dogs would begin to salivate just upon hearing the bell.

The formation of integrated wholes as a way to understand complex phenomena fits perfectly with my personal capability envelop and is reflected in my learning plan.

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John Locke's Position to the Learning Perspective of Child Development Although many psychologists tend to differ on behavioral interpretation of learning, John Locke and David Hume collectively argued that our experiences in life form the basis of our mental development process.

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This learning perspective is focused mainly on the Cognitive processes and experimenting on how people are able to “mentally process new information and construct knowledge from their experiences.” (Ormrod, ) When looking at this perspective the person’s behavior is not the main focus due to the cognitive processes are determined.

Free Essay: The Learning Perspective The learning perspective what is it? This is the study of how exactly a person is effected through what they learn on a.

Sample of The Learning Perspective Essay (you can also order custom written The Learning Perspective essay). Essay on The Learning Perspective - The Learning Perspective The learning perspective what is it. This is the study of how exactly a person is effected through what they learn on a daily basis.

Through family, their surroundings and behavior. The people who believe this line of thinking are called behaviorists.

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