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What is the capital of that country? Indeed, the news is more a part of the school curriculum than it ever was -- for many reasons.

Key Stage 3 Writing

As a follow-up to this activity, ask each student to create a classified ad and exchange it with a classmate. Before the advent of NIE, newspapers tended to be used only by secondary school social studies teachers in two-week units or for Friday current events sessions.

Teacher Resources: Activity - Writing headlines (20 mins)

Having spoken your story out loud, write it down on the worksheet. Newsreaders read at three words per second. Do they take notes, or jot down new vocabulary?

Which of the following phrases is the best example?

Newspaper article writing

Pin up the articles around the room and ask students to walk around the room trying to find the answers. Remember, the aim is to promote the piece, not to tell the story. Activities Guess the headline Cut out a number of headlines and from each one remove an interesting word e.

Search Ten Great Activities: Presentations To encourage students to read newspapers in English on a more tes newspaper writing activities basis, organise short presentations at the beginning of each class.

This week, Education World offers ten additional reasons -- in tes newspaper writing activities form of ten terrific classroom activities -- for you to use newspapers in your classroom. Display the headline-less stories on a classroom bulletin board.

What conclusions can students reach about each category based on those words? Assign each student a letter of the alphabet. As students replace the missing headlines, ask them to point out the words in the headlines that helped them find the correct story.

Remove the headlines from a number of news stories. Distribute advertisements cut from newspapers, and ask students to list the products in order, according to the appeal of the ads. What physical characteristics of the country might have contributed to the events in the story?

Wall quiz Write a list of questions based on a selection of newspaper articles, and distribute the quiz to teams of students. Kate Joyce There is a danger of putting students off reading newspapers if articles are used in the same way as course books, with tedious comprehension activities.

Remind students to make a note of the answers to their questions. What factors, such as gender, geographic location, or age, might have influenced the effectiveness of each technique? This activity can also be tried by giving the children the article and asking them to make a headline for it.

Get your facts, spelling and grammar right. You can recap the key points from the video using the accompanying worksheet or read a transcript of the video: Ask students to use classified pages of the newspaper to do the following: Do they skim read to get a general idea of a text? Once you have completed your script, you can add in notes about any quotes, sound effects, stills, graphics etc, on the left-hand side of the worksheet.

Teaching Kids About the Newspaper Celebrate American Newspaper Week by teaching students to be knowledgeable and discerning news readers. This will turn your story into a script, and also enable you to calculate how long it will take a presenter to speak it. Partners need to try and guess which of the facts are true and which have been changed.

Writing news Which of the following will help make your report more interesting? Stick the incomplete headlines on a piece of paper, photocopy and distribute to teams of students.

Bandwagon -- the implication that "everybody else is doing it. In what city did the story take place?Jan 19,  · Working with my Y4 class on the newspaper topic; we have built up all the different ingredients we need such as features, 5ws, language to be used.

Editable PowerPoint Newspapers PowerPoint Template on Writing Activities for Kids curated by BookChook News Report Template Newspaper Template By Kristopherc Teaching Resources Tes, Newspaper Writing Frames And Printable Page Borders Newspaper Template By Teaching Resources Tes, editable newspaper template.

A powerpoint presentation that highlights the important points when writing a newspaper report. It uses a scenario where the students imagine they have been rescued after being stranded on a deserted island and contains information on newspaper structure, /5(45).

English writing exercise - Newspaper activity. Teachers: Copy and paste all the code below to put this activity on your blog or website.

LESSON 3: WRITING NEWS. This lesson, the third in a series of six, explains the art of writing clearly, concisely and correctly.

Newspaper reading activities

ACTIVITIES. Video: Writing news (2 mins 30 secs video + mins to recap/discuss) Writing news (duration: 2 mins 30 secs Find a current story that interests you in a newspaper or think of a famous historical.

Newspaper reading activities. You are here.

Newspapers - Play

If used in a more inspiring way, newspapers can help students to develop not only reading skills but also writing, grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills.

Select an interesting newspaper article, preferably one which involves an exciting / unusual story. Choose eight key words .

Tes newspaper writing activities
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