Study on bicycle market of india essay

Undoubtedly Indian bicycle industry has a great future as long as the prices are kept competitive and specialized attention is paid to quality and delivery schedule, it will be placed in the world market due to its cheap labor, adequate engineering coupled with low cost of production.

Electric bikes require less work on the part of riders and make it easier to negotiate inclines, tolerate biking in hot weather, and, generally, bike under other more strenuous conditions. In addition to this, we have also provided list of few other participants in the bicycle market report.


Europe and South East Asia Pacific will also retain the key market positions, whereas North American market is anticipated to experience sluggish growth during In a few years, the cycling culture will pick up. The market for the premium or the lifestyle bikes targeted towards the lifestyle consumer is just about emerging.

The target group of the manufacturers is the middle class looking for style and convenience at affordable rates. Earlier the high-end bikes were considered as those selling between Rs.

However, the market is predicted to gain an up thrust by favorable governmental initiatives for cycling promotion, rapidly progressing infrastructure dedicated to cycling, introduction of ultra-lightweight bicycles, and growing popularity of unisex bicycles.

The Indian industry doles out 1. An entire cycle made from carbon now weighs 6. The Indian bicycle industry is currently in the midst of making endeavors for enhanced and increased bicycle exports since the scope for export of Indian manufactured bicycles in the international market is significant.

Rock Machine too is expected soon. Besides the metros, the demand is also pouring in from cities such as Pondicherry and Cochin. Growing health concerns among consumers, in addition to surging acceptance of green transportation in an effort to reduce carbon footprint, will play a pivotal role in the growth of global bicycle market in next eight years.

Moreover, increasing government support encouraging adoption of bicycles and rapid development of dedicated cycling infrastructure in developed as well as developing economies will reportedly push the sales of bicycles in upcoming years. Evolving consumer demographics in developing economies will predominantly drive sales of mid-range bicycles, followed by premium priced cycles.

This is usually overlooked while forecasting the market.

Electric bicycles Market

On new materials for the cycles Manufacturers are using new materials, from steel to aluminum to carbon, for more efficient cycles. For one, the global production of bicycles increased dramatically beginning in the early s. The definition of high end bikes itself is changing.

After nearly doubling from to aboutworldwide bicycle production grew by a factor of six from just over 20 million units in to million units by Secondly, the output of bicycles has grown much faster than that of cars, with bicycle production outpacing auto output by a ratio of more than 2: The cost structure is reflecting the true costs now.

As more Indians living in cities take to cycling for reasons ranging from keeping fit, to general purpose, office commuting and leisure, cycling clubs have mushroomed on social networking sites.

A number of cycling enthusiasts and experts deliver bicycles according to different needs. Electric bicycles continue to win over conventional bicycles, in terms of both supply and demand.

Basic stumbling blocks in the industry are: InChina bought 21 million e-bikes, compared with 9. You may mail your response at editorial mbarendezvous.Roadster bicycle segment dominated India bicycle market inand the segment is anticipated to continue dominating the market through Growing demand for roadster bicycles in India can be attributed to implementation of bicycle distribution programs by various state governments and expanding rural population base.

U.S. Bicycle Market This page report is a detailed market overview of the bicycle market in the United States and worldwide incompiled and written by industry consultant Jay Townley, principal with the Gluskin Townley Group LLC. DESCRIPTIVE CASE STUDY ON: THE CYCLE MARKET IN INDIA.

Study Of Bicycle Market In India

A descriptive case study is a puzzle that has been solved. It provides the reader an opportunity to know how exactly some individual, company or sector removed the hurdles they were facing.

According to industry estimates, the bicycle market in India is 12 million units a year. India Bicycle Market to Grow at CAGR 11%till Rising awareness about health benefits of cycling, increasing popularity of sports bicycles and implementation of favorable government schemes to propel India bicycle market through Secured by: Norton.

bicycle industry have a cost advantage as compared to new prospective firms. All these factors work as the entry barriers for the new firms to enter the industry. The industry has been affected by various environmental factors, such as: Production of bicycles, depend upon the global conditions and seasonal conditions.

Study on bicycle market of india essay
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