Social construction of freaks by robert

They were like brother and Sister Alyssa, is one of the funniest person that I know, and Max is coolest guy ever met. In addition, I was so scary, because most of the clients were violents and mean each other; some of them were gangs members of two different sides in California.

In my own experience I can say that; Casa de los Amigos is one of the best program in The United States for immigrants under In addition, the kids there have a lot to talk about it, each of them have a sad story about their life to share, no matter the fact of being a citizens in capitalist country where most people thinklife is more easy and, because the economic situation and the support of the government.

Anyway, Max still working in is passion in life, that is music, he love play the guitar, and the thing is that he is so talent doing it. I never imagnated that Seattle, was my destination, the city of the United States, that changed my life in a big scale.

At the first day I was there one kids was broking a t. This is a fantastically researched volume o Freak Show: Anyway, I was transfer from a high security immigration program to a normal immigration program for under 18 immigrants. I could have a small conversation with the staff and youths there, it was a very good way to listen and understand the reason why the youths were there and no whit their family?

In addition, almost most of this kids was listening me, respecting me, and getting alone with me, but not before respecting them, listening them, trying to understand they way to being; understanding were they came from, who they family members are, and the situations that happened in their life.

Anyway, no matter, how violents they were, I discovered something that surprised me.

Social Construction of Freaks by Robert Bogdan

For those in the amusement world it was the sucker who was on the outside, not the exhibit. I was so enthusiastic, because it will make them get more confidence in their self. Nobody like to be critiqued by others, but something sad about this world is that most of people do.

Although it covers a lot of the same ground found in similar works, its system of inquiry and scads of anecdotes make it a worthwhile read. I loved the fact that there were biographies and ephemera that you never knew about the "freaks" that you could buy at a time when money was sc I really liked this book because of the extensive research that was done to make the reader knowledgeable about the topic at hand.

I came with the conclusion to ask to the staff there and get from them ideas, that could give me a gin about, what to do?

Knowing what we have, to be able to show Its to the world.

Freak Show: Presenting Human Oddities for Amusement and Profit

In Addition, both of them talked me that that they hate school about it, I just got them my humble opinion. The program is call. In addition, there will be a talent winner that will be chosen by the audience in the event.

Anyway Pathway for me, was a great learning and discovered experience. I always talked to them that we have the power of choose the way to see things and problems in our life.

It also continues happening in the life of youths in different scale, problems and obstacles. Anyway, I love the kids I met in Pathway program. I could understand and speak a little better the English language.

We can choose between the positive or negative way. For instance, speaking and understanding the English was a little easier. For instance, to ask for food and other kind of things.Social Construction of Freaks by Robert Bogdan Words | 11 Pages.

no a chance to show that we can. On my trip to come here and passing across some countries, I have the experience to see, it again in Guatemala, Mexico, and The United States, but the interesting thing about it was that in each place, it happened differently, regardless the.

Freak Show: Presenting Human Oddities for Amusement and Profit by Robert Bogdon (University of Chicago Press ) (). Author Robert Bogdon paints a vivid portrait of life inside the travelling shows that exhibited malformed humans/5. Social Construction of Freaks by Robert Bogdan Words Apr 21st, 11 Pages Coming from a country where poverty and less opportunity are the present every day I saw in a lot of kids and youths with talents and aspirations for their lives and their future, and these aspirations could disappear when time goes by and they can’t be reached.

Bogden, Robert - "The Social Construction of Freaks" 1. Displaying oddities - not offensive 2. Socially constructed 3. Fabricated backstories Revulsion from social conditioning 3.

Humanizes freaks 4. Actual famous freak show performers. Burrill, Mary - They That Sit in Darkness (4) 1. Pro-birth control 2.

Nurse Shaw legally bound. The book's essays fall into four main categories: historical explorations of American freak shows in the era of P.T. Barnum; the articulation of the freak in literary and textual discourses; contemporary relocations of freak shows; and theoretical analyses of 4/5(1).

Public Reception of Real Disability members of Freaks. The movie's unusu- al social construction of 'freaks" eating, jok- ing, proposing mar- ing to freak-show scholar Robert .

Social construction of freaks by robert
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