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Brief Biography of Rachel Carson Rachel Carson was an important figure in modern American environmentalism, whose work is sometimes credited with creating the grassroots movement that led to the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency EPA. With their success, she was able to quit her job and focus on writing full time, and her interests began to shift more toward conservation.

What is the "other course? He reeducates the Westerner on practices of courtesy in the wild, how to be with nature, as native peoples have always known.

Thoreau already saw the wilderness vanishing with the heedless industrialization of the nineteenth century.

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Modern organic agriculture is only a fraction of farming today, but the demand for it continues to grow rapidly with environmental awareness. Is so, who guarded the poisoned area to keep out any who might wander in, in misguides search for unspoiled natured?

The chemical companies said she wanted a ban on all pesticides when she specifically denies this stand in the book. Environmental Protection Agency in to look out for the specific interests of the environment.

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How does she illustrate this in the chapter? She is a special envoy on climate change, convincing countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Though she received many speaking invitations, Carson was unable to accept because of her illness.

Carson is also influential among ecofeminists, who see feminist and ecological issues allied the male conquering of nature vs. She inspired the philosophers of the deep ecology movement, such as Gary Snyder, who spoke of an underlying unity in nature that must be respected, and she inspired grassroots movements around the country with citizens rising up to defend their land against spraying.

For her work combining environmentalism, human rights, and democratic change she won the Nobel Peace Prize in The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy, a smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed, but at its end lies disaster.

Carson realized, perhaps, that time for her was running out she died, from cancer, just nineteen months after the publication of the bookas she predicted it may be for the life of man, who is sustained by the good earth.

Rodale in the United States. Culture and Agriculture Sierra Club, She founded the Green Belt Movement in Africa, inspiring women to plant trees. Grave mistakes had been made, perhaps unwittingly, yet such mistakes constituted heinous crimes against nature and against humankind.

Silent Spring Questions and Answers

Ironically, very often in the aftermath of a toxic deluge there emerged a species of insect resistant to the chemical, requiring even more lethal dosages. The National Agricultural Chemicals Association, on the other hand, had already initiated an extensive public relations campaign to discredit the book.In the passage from “Silent Spring”, by Rachel Carson, she portrays her strong emotions about American’s attitude towards the environment and the mindset obtained that it is justifiable to kill species because of an inconvenience they might cause.

Silent spring

Carson is able to render that through rhetorical strategies such as exemplification, repetition, and cause and effect.

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1. What was the immediate effect of Carson’s book? Carson and her agent, Marie Rodell, knew they would receive a critical backlash for Silent Spring and worried about possibly being sued for libel by chemical companies.

At that time, her thesis was controversial, and the burden of proof on her.

Silent spring essay questions
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