Should the us end overseas military operations

What would be unusual is that President Barack Obama is seeking congressional approval ahead of the attack. Given the collapse of our relationship with Pakistan, we would be better served by strengthening our ties and focusing on cooperating with India, China and Russia — all major powers facing a common threat from Muslim extremists.

US Has Long History of Overseas Military Operations

In the end, we must look at our legacy in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Conditions in Afghanistan are no better. This year American forces have suffered less than 50 deaths, compared to nearly 1, in Yet this past Monday, al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia announced the beginning of a attack campaign to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden.

That very same day, U. Previous presidents have gone to Congress for declarations of war after the country was directly attacked, such as by Japan at the start of WW II. Various studies show that U. Given our strong ties to Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, forcibly maintaining our relationship with Iraq is a luxury we do not need and cannot afford.

However, we have brought Osama bin Laden and thousands of terrorists to account for their crimes, and we have helped to establish two democracies, if still heavily flawed.

In Vietnam, the U. Likewise, Afghanistan is seen as a strategic outpost bordering Pakistan, Iran and China. Instead, it seems that we have decided to extend our stay in Iraq and Afghanistan.

By some counts, the U. According to a Friday report in the U. However, the cost of maintaining an army in Afghanistan is enormous. The parliamentary elections confirmed the depth of divisions in Iraqi society, as political infighting and allegations of electoral fraud left the country without a government for nearly six months.

Despite a surge of troops to nearlysoldiers, the country remains a war zone. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta also disclosed that the Iraqi government has acquiesced to negotiating an extension to the presence of U. And into the breach Iran has stepped.


As we near this tragic milestone, we must re-evaluate our positions in Iraq and Afghanistan and ask ourselves why we are still there and how much — in both blood and treasure — we are willing to pay to retain a foothold in these countries.

Earlier this month, 30 American soldiers were killed when their helicopter was shot down by the Taliban, bringing our death count for to To me, it seems as if we have done what we can.

Despite the presence of U.

Defense spending rose during the Vietnam War, during the administration of President Ronald Reagan in the s and in the last decade as the U.In the end, about 70, American military personnel will be relocated as a result of the GPR, not counting those directly affected by the Iraq and Afghanistan operations.

Jan 29,  · Should the USA end overseas military operations?

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Follow. 10 answers The US military are overseas because they are part of NATO, so they are there for mutual defence. WHAT ARE RISKS IF US CUTS DEFENSE AND OVERSEAS Status: Open.

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So why do all of those U.S. forces remain overseas? Some of themilitary personnel in nations perform legitimate missions like protecting U.S.

embassies and collecting intelligence. OVERSEAS OPERATIONS. By Ms.

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Deepa Share via Email; RELATED LINKS. More bases close in Iraq as 3ID troops head home (The US Army) Afghan security forces grow. Transcript of Should The USA End Overseas Military Operations? Should The USA End Overseas Military Operations? My Dad has been sent overseas twice in my lifetime.

It was very hard for my family. This happens to many of our service members, often more than once. We have lost a lot of military.

They Should Not. If the USA ended overseas military operations we be no more, for example North Korea is overseas and if we did not attack them they would launch nukes and ballistic missiles.

Should the us end overseas military operations
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