Recommendations on how to overcome the life style diseases

Other evidence derives from randomized intervention studies. The Safe Routes to School program http: As car use grows, injuries and deaths associated with automobile accidents also grow. Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats will reduce the risk of CAD F.

Sep 12, National policies strongly influence automobile use and dependency. While there are communicable diseases like malaria, cholerapolio, which can be managed with the help of proper treatment, there are lifestyle diseases which can be prevented if healthy active lifestyle is followed.

The involvement of public health practitioners in transportation planning and building design is becoming more common.

Medical Definition of Lifestyle disease

These sprawling settlements tend to have few services within walking distance and are usually not linked to public transporationt. Limit the Role of Automobiles In wealthy countries, the automobile has strongly influenced the trend toward low-density, automobile-based suburban developments, many built without sidewalks.

Coronary artery disease CADischemic stroke, diabetes, and some specific cancers, which until recently were common only in high-income countries, are now becoming the dominant sources of morbidity and mortality worldwide WHO Arteriosclerosis is also linked to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

They must have a time table with sufficient time for exercise, entertainment and grooming their health and beauty. In Seoul, the government is managing growth by creating six satellite communities with high-rise residential buildings outside the city center. Governments often subsidize foods indirectly by sheltering them from sales taxes in the recognition that they are essential; however, this logic should not extend to foods with adverse health effects, such as sugar-sweetened beverages and those high in trans fats.

Chronic Disease Prevention In this section, we briefly review dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce the incidence of chronic disease.

Lifestyle disease

Policies that could influence diet and physical activity deserve careful consideration because they are rarely neutral and often support unhealthy behaviors. Many innovative strategies have been developed to discourage private automobile use and to promote public transportation, walking, and bicycling see box In children, an increase in soda consumption of one serving per day was associated with an odds ratio of 1.

Similarly, the prevalence of smoking, despite its being a physically addictive behavior, halved among men in the United States between and Legislation can make this distinction, providing a modest economic incentive for healthier choices and at the same time conveying important nutritional messages see chapter Strong evidence indicates that high intakes of fruits and vegetables will reduce the risk of CAD and stroke Conlin In many areas, consumption of fruits and vegetables is low.

Both overweight and obese people also experience elevated mortality from cancers of the colon, breast postmenopausalkidney, endometrium, and other sites Calle and others Nevertheless, some examples are illustrative of the potential benefit. Lack of exercise, poor nutrition, exposure to sunlight and pollutants are the main causes of obesity, malnutrition, hypertension and skin diseases.

Over indulgence or interest in internet may lead to internet addiction disorder IADthe most modern lifestyle disease. Transportation Policy and Environmental Design Transportation policies and the design of urban environments are fundamental determinants of physical activity and therefore influence the risks of obesity and other chronic diseases.

In China, approximately 90 percent of the urban population walks or rides a bicycle to work, shopping, or school each day G. Most of these studies have been conducted in Western countries, in part because of the historical importance of these diseases in the West, but also because they have the most developed research infrastructure.

Hu, van Dam, and Liu Findings relating folic acid intake to CVD and some cancers have major implications for many parts of the developing world. Sprawl adversely affects the elderly in particular because they are unable to walk to places of interest and many cannot drive.Jan 19,  · Diseases linked to lifestyle choices, including diabetes and some cancers, kill 16 million people prematurely each year, the World Health Organization said Monday, urging action to stop the "slow.

For centuries, communicable diseases were the main causes of death around the world. Life expectancy was often limited by uncontrolled epidemics.

Eat a Healthy Diet. Medical experts have long recognized the effects of diet on the risk of CVD, but the relationship between diet and many other conditions, including specific cancers, diabetes, cataracts, macular degeneration, cholelithiasis, renal stones, dental disease, and birth defects, have been documented more recently.

Mar 05,  · Tips to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases Working couples in the metropolises and cities have very tough life. Employed women have been found to be under great pressure for running the family and business or official responsibilities. Not restricted to adults alone, lifestyle diseases have started hitting kids as well.

The shift in purchasing power and the coming in of technology has. Lifestyle diseases are defined as diseases linked with the way people live their life.

This is commonly caused by alcohol, drug and smoking abuse as well as lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating.

Recommendations on how to overcome the life style diseases
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