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Therefore, additional motives for merger and acquisition that may not add shareholder value include: There are two types of risks associated with businesses- systematic and unsystematic risk.

A merger that creates a vertically integrated firm can be profitable. The example above demonstrates the importance of monitoring and evaluation of the project in order to assess and adjust the programme accordingly. Most vegetarians follow an environmentally conscious lifestyle, regardless of whether they chose to give up meat for ecological reasons or other rationale.

Economies of Vertical Integration: It makes coordination of closely related operating activities easier. This can be used to plan new interventions as well as to adjust and tailor existing programs to combat violence.

Managers have larger companies to manage and hence more power. Or, a manufacturer can acquire and sell complementary products. Rationale behind m a also introduced monthly support groups for health providers to talk about their experiences in working with victims of GBV.

Rationale Sentence Examples

This increases profits and consumer surplus. As a result of applying this new screening tool, the number of women, identified as having experienced violence, increased enormously. Synergy means that the merged firm will have a greater value than the sum of its parts as a result of enhanced revenues and the cost base.

Rationale and benefits of monitoring and evaluation

Yet his rationale of the tides in De Motibus Stellae is not only memorable as an astonishing forecast of the principle of reciprocal attraction in the proportion of mass, but for its bold extension to the earth of the lunar sphere of influence. Systematic variability cannot be removed by diversification and hence mergers are not able to eliminate this risk.

In the past, certain executive management teams had their payout based on the total amount of profit of the company, instead of the profit per share, which would give the team a perverse incentive to buy companies to increase the total profit while decreasing the profit per share which hurts the owners of the company, the shareholders ; although some empirical studies show that compensation is linked to profitability rather than mere profits of the company.

A common example is of such an externality is double marginalization. Economic of scale refer to the reduction in unit cost achieved by producing a large volume of a product.

Economies of vertical integration are achieved in vertical mergers. A firm that wants to enter a new market but lacks the know-how can do so through the purchase of an existing player in that product or geographical market.

Building monitoring systems and envisaging evaluations at the outset of the program helps to design and review objectives and to forecast future resource needs. Vertical integration may also be driven by reduction of transaction costs particularly credit related and risk mitigation.

The rationale behind the Sugar Busters diet plan is that people are getting way too much refined sugar in the form of sweeteners and refined carbohydrates like white bread and baked goods.

One reason is to internalise an externality problem. This phenomenon continues while the firm grows to its optimal size, after which a firm experiences diseconomies of scale. The four most important managerial motives for merger are empire building, status, power and remuneration.The dominant rationale used to explain M&A activity is that acquiring firms seek improved financial performance.

The following motives are considered to improve financial performance. • Rationale behind the quality management • Recommendations on quality criteria: Search this area: Advanced Search.

Print this page! Tell a friend! To get a reminder when this page is updated, please enter your email address here: The concept behind TQ is this: final product control does not add quality; rather, quality is to be built. [ræʃəˈnɑːl] N → base f, fundamento m the rationale of or behind sth → la razón fundamental de algo.

rationale [ˌræʃəˈnæl ˌræʃəˈnɑːl] n (= reasons) → logique f the rationale for sth → la logique de qch the rationale behind sth → la logique derrière qch. rationale. Many translated example sentences containing "rationale behind" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.

Rationale Behind M&a

Rationale definition is - an explanation of controlling principles of opinion, belief, practice, or phenomena. How to use rationale in a sentence. Did You Know? What is the rationale behind your decision? Learn More about rationale. See words that rhyme with rationale Thesaurus. What was your rationale behind ending Rilo Kiley and moving on to the next phase of your career?

Rationale behind m a
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