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In a particular election, the party has to bag at least six per cent of the total votes, and also win one Lok Sabha and two Assembly Rashtriya ekta.

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National Parties in India Despite the large number of political parties operating in India, very few are able to make their presence felt at the national level except when it comes to alliances. Although he recovered, he attributed it to having lamented silently for the loss of his mentor.

But according to Partha Bagchi: A dream is a dream, we see it with closed eyes and we forget it. The natural reason for this is that it takes a long time for any party to evolve from its regional moorings and have its ideology accepted by a large enough segment of the population.

He organised multiple refugee camps in Punjab and Delhi, and later in West Bengal. Congress committed itself towards defence of fundamental and human rights.

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This clause magnified the difficulty of process to mammoth proportions. He realized that he was not going to live much longer.

Over time, the centre expanded its horizon and now it is an international super-speciality institute specializing only in stammering cure. Elections and Politics News Criterion for Recognition The Election Commission has laid down certain criteria for a party to be recognised as national or state level parties.

Congress entrusted this intimidating task to Sardar Patel who started lobbying for integration on August 6, It started the journey by curing one person Partha Bagchi himself and now it has helped over 29, people to get cured from stammering and lead a confident, happy and successful life. The same year, Patel was elected as the President of Indian National Congress in its Karachi session where the party deliberated its future path.

Though he did not contest, Sardar Patel helped his fellow party mates during the election. National Party A party has to live up to at least one of the following qualifications to be recognised as a national party: He actively supported the non-cooperation Movement launched by Gandhi.

In MarchI took the bold decision of moving to Bangalore permanently. A Chartered Accountant by qualification and profession, his own horrifying stammering experience of 26 years led him into this field.

He went to pursue a degree in law and travelled to England in My one dream has changed the fate of thousands of stammerers all over the world. He took personal interest in initiating a restoration endeavour of the Somnath Temple in Saurashtra, Gujarat. Inhe led a massive "No Tax Campaign" that urged the farmers not to pay taxes after the British insisted on tax after the floods in Kaira.

Vallabhbhai, his father had served in the army of the Queen of Jhansi while his mother was a very spiritual woman. He led the Satyagraha movement across Gujarat when Gandhi was under imprisonment, upon request from the congress members.

According to Partha Bagchi, "It was a direction from God. It has to win a minimum of two per cent of the seats in the Lok Sabha from at least three different states.

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The agitation took on for more than six months. He represented India in the Partition Council. Patel shifted his practice to Ahmedabad.

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Sacrificing his 10 years of Chartered Accountancy C. Despite being the choice of the people, on the request of Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel stepped down from the candidacy of Congress President, which ultimately turned out to be the election to choose the first Prime Minister of independent India.


That was just the beginning of a new era of hope for stammering persons all over the world. Everybody discouraged me and told who would take such an "idiotic" decision to leave their sure-shot, established and dignified profession to something unknown and unheard of.Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Authority - Punjab: About; Administrative Setup; Circulars; Download; Recruitment; Tenders; Civil Writ Petitions.

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You can visit here for stammering cure techniques, stammering causes, stammering courses. Find the list of political parties in India with their symbols - national, state and regional parties in a tabular format. Get Latest news related to Indian Political parties.

M.L. Ahuja has over thirty books to his credit. He is the recipient of Janseva Sadbhavana Award (), Bharat Gaurav Award () and Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Ekta Samman ().

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