Mooseltoe writing activity

I always like to relate figurative language back to real life so that students can understand how these phrases are used.

We started to make one of our family gifts today: We read a nonfiction book about reindeer. The picture is a little blurry, but I hope you get the idea! Two ways to play, 1 Present the student with two cards and ask if they have the same meaning.

I loved their responses! They can then make their own sentence about the word once they understand the definition. I just LOVE the holidays!! After discovering that there are no more trees to be sold, he decides to make himself into a tree and lets his family decorate him with lights, ornaments, candy canes, and even a star.

They had so much fun making these! Here is a preview of what we will be doing next week.

Story and Character Maps: Hope this fun little idea might just find its way into your therapy room! Friday We began the morning by reviewing patterns on candy canes! We finished our week and celebrated all of their success by making Christmas trees out of ice cream cones! We also, will be doing my Polar Express Unit.

They are soo cute. I was so proud and impressed! Paper protectors are great dry erase boards to use in your class because they erase with just a tissue!

When a student hears the word on their card, they make a sentence about something that has happened in the story using their regular past tense verb. We wrote some facts that we learned about reindeer. We placed our wonderful equations on a reindeer!

Then, we wrote down our new learning and our misconceptions.Mooseltoe Hardcover – September 2, by Margie Palatini and we do a fun writing activity as a follow-up.

It's a tradition! Read more. Helpful. Comment Report abuse. Amazon Customer. out of 5 stars Five Stars. February 17, Format: Paperback Verified Purchase/5(45). This activity packet goes along with the story Mooseltoe. It includes a sequencing activity, writing pages, and a graphic organizer.

Quick note- affiliate links are used in this post. If you've never read the book Mooseltoe it's pretty funny and it's the Christmas spin off of the equally funny Moosestache.

I love the illustrations in this book and even without the story, they would make the kids (and me) giggle. What an easy and fun fine motor skill activity!

Moose Must! A Christmas Craft and Writing Project based on Mooseltoe

Have you. Dec 12,  · My “Mooseltoe Activity Pack” has all you’ll need for young students as well as your older ones. The pack includes: 16 regular past tense verb cards, 32 rhyming words, 16 idioms/proverbs cards, 32 synonym cards, 12 tier 2 vocabulary cards, 1 story map sheet, and 1 Author: Word Nerd Speech Teach.

Strong Thought Writing Activity w/the book Mooseltoe (free) All-Things-Picture-Books Shop - Find this Pin and more on mooseltoe by Laurie Merk. The Picture Book. Merry Mooseltoe to you!

I hope you have this delightful book to share with your students, they will love it!

I have created a writing activity in response to a strong thought you/they might .

Mooseltoe writing activity
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