Memories at the corner of ott and washington street

Christmas remains a focal point of family reunions. Photo Courtesy of Holguin Family store in Guadalupe, Arizona where he knew many of the local residents. Jose was a fayuquero; he sold, bought and traded goods all over the southwest and northern Mexico.

The vibrant community had streets lined with well-cared homes beautiful lawns and trees. He remembers the love the people had for education and its importance to the children. Both of their parents were politically involved, our mother was a political precinct committee woman, and our daddy was involved in it, too Fayetta and Betty Ann recalled the Palmira Water Company, the Phoenix Electric Company, and remembered several stores located downtown Phoenix where they worked or shopped, Kress s, Korricks, Penneys, Walgreens, Newberrys, Time Value, Baker s Shoes.

For over fifty years, Josephine and Mike have lived in their home near the corner of 13th Street and Pima in the heart of Las Cuatro Milpas neighborhood milpas means field. She is very happy in her present home.

She recalls that some of the children had velitas or candles and marched from Buckeye Road to Pima Road and then back again. A canal traversed fields of cotton, corn, grapevines, fruit orchards, and some ranches.

Everything was empty, no warehouses, no nothing. A giving person, she enjoys spending her time helping others. She has been living in Campito since and her home was built on an empty lot that the family purchased for eight hundred dollars and was recently remodeled to reduce aviation noise.

Margarita moved to her present home in Stores and shops were plentiful along with many services available to residents. They walked to downtown Phoenix to shop at Diamonds, Sears, the meat shops, or purchase clothes and shoes. Emma was active in community celebrations and competed for Fiesta Queen.

Marshall worked in the construction trades as a plaster tender and helped erect several giant highrise buildings in the central Phoenix area. Hughes was a supportive, wonderful wife and mother who raised her children during the harsh conditions of the Great Depression and through a war time era.

The Encinas family has two streets named for them in Phoenix and Guadalupe, Arizona. According to daughter Rose Hughes, Mary R. Vicki often rode the city bus to shop in downtown, Penny s, Korrick s, Wards, Sears, Skaggs all the stores were there, the Learners a bunch of stores.

She recalls that she was too young to dance but did socialize with all the youngsters running and yelling during the festivities.

A small locally owned grocery store Ponchos Austin s Market has been across the street from their home for many decades. Firewood was essential for survival in It was used for heating, construction, and cooking.

She explains how the church served many functions for the community, both spiritual and social. What were the outside and inside forces at play in their lives?

Our true identity as the sons of immigrants

Mary s Orphanage in Phoenix; commercial development in Guadalupe, Tempe, and Chandler; and development of both sides of the Salt River near downtown Phoenix. Later she cleaned offices at the state capitol. Her children at many times had to leave school early due to the family s need to work.

Thousands of homes were demolished resulting in vast stretches of empty lots. Corrales in Photo courtesy Corrales family 13 13 14 Edwin Neil Carmical s family represents the great upheaval during the Great Depression era and subsequent movements of families from the Deep South to the western states.

All the people that were interviewed gave evidence of making their life worth living. After the war, her father worked for the Santa Fe Railroad. Josie was instrumental in organizing the first Block Watch in the community which later became the first neighborhood association, Los Ojos De La Comunidad.

Enedina was a homemaker and her husband, Antonio, was a barber in northern Mexico and later southern Arizona. Pete Dimas of Phoenix College for providing historical background research and assisting in writing and editing.

Carl Arthur Joseph Swenson

She described the barrio area as being without streets, a plain of dirt that rain would turn into a sea of mud. Manny has been involved in community activism after witnessing how progress affected the barrio.

First was the construction of a major freeway down the heart of the neighborhood. She does recall fondly that she never felt fear or danger from other persons, especially adults, at any time in the neighborhood.

William Sabo

They are both retired and presently live in Phoenix. Hopefully, educators, political legislators, civic administrators, and economic and industrial developers can reflect on these social challenges and become increasingly inspired to effectively promote more humane ways and means for promoting beneficial progress for all Americans.Carrie Inch Segerstrom took this photograph inof the northwest corner of Yaney Avenue and Washington Street.

She would have been standing where Courthouse Park is today. At that time, the building was occupied by Joe Garvin as a plumbing shop, and is now the law offices of Gary Dambacher. We went to St. Spyridon Church every Sunday and on the way home, my sister and I would always stop at the Horn & Hardart on st St.

for some hot apple pie with vanilla sauce. And we loved Falcaro's pizza. I've never tasted a pizza like that since anywhere in the world. I could just go on and on with the joyous memories of Washington Heights. Memories Of Childhood Essay Examples.

4 total results. Memories at the Corner of Ott and Washington Street. words. 2 pages. The Memories of Childhood in the Work of Ray Bradbury, a Science Fiction Writer. 1, words. 4 pages. A Personal Recount on the Memories.

Buffalo In Old Post Cards The year date under the left lower corner of the post card, when present, is the post mark cancellation date, giving an approximation of the age of the post card. previous page. Puzzled at first, I watched out my second-floor window as a vehicle sat idling in the far-west lane of one-way Washington Street.

A young gentleman — distance kept me from determining his age — was standing near the curb alongside Washington, talking with the person driving the car. Please join us in the Celebration of Carl's life and live of family, friends and baseball on Thursday June 14, from pm - pm at Orak Shrine Center, N.

Frontage Rd., Michigan City, IN. Arrangements are being handled by the Ott/Haverstock Funeral .

Memories at the corner of ott and washington street
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