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A new member on guitar named Lutz Ulbrichold companion of Manuel, had joined in. I needed a long period of not listening to my own tunes. As for me, Quiet Music: His style was distinctive.

It is like someone other than me had created it. Two years later, a first CD edition saw the light of days.

In these days MIDI was not existing. German RAF terrorists had just killed a German business tycoon in french town Mulhouse, where we had performed on same day, they had found his dead corpse in a cars trunk.

Considered as being the highlight of relaxation, meditation and healing music, Quiet Music was composed between and Popohl Vuh produced film music for the German artist legend, film director Werner Herzog. Back home in my small 2 room flat, I played my string and echo machine, until one day my door bell rang.

Armed with an ITAM 8 track reel-to-reel, I Harald grosskopf synthesist 2011 rar off for the West German countryside that fall and isolated myself in a home studio for almost two months to record "Synthesist".

I definitely had my part in that story. If you found that any of above harald grosskopf files may have been subject to copyright protection. I prefer notebooks and synthesizer plug-ins, in consequence! I soon sold it with profit. There are several jewels on this box-set where hours of ethereal and meditative music are constantly renewed on very abstract but very current themes.

Short but melodious, "Towards the Blue" moves while following the course of a river flowing of serenity and beneath some fine oscillations of a synth which crosses more melodious and dreamy pads.

If the deep tranquillity exists, it comes from the meditation of souls in the sources of the earth. For the proceed I bought a WEM Copycat echo machine, a guitar trunk amplifier and a 12 string guitar.

The money situation was all the way through very poor. Registered users can also use our File Leecher to download files directly from all file hosts where it was found on. If no files were found or matches are not what you expected just use our request file feature.

It took quite a while to accept that I was able to create music on keyboards that can be shared and liked by others. We rehearsed very often and disciplined and published 4 albums in four years.

On stage You have to create it new every time You play it, if You do not want to get bored soon. Not being a keyboard player means limitation on one hand and being unlimited on the other. How was for you this transition from an instrument drums to another synthesizers and how the fact that you was are a drummer influenced you in the use of synthesizers?

Hartmut Enke unfortunately died in Dec after a sad fate in his life. The groove they produced was very original and had something of the years later constructed sequencer machines. This time between an album and another is necessary to you?

Slender synth strata float and roam in a slow soporific whirlwind. Is there any instrument or equipment that you regret not being with you anymore? What a change since "Irrlicht"!

The sequencer allows me to construct ideas I could not realize with my hands.March 2 Share on Facebook Harald Grosskopf-- a drummer who lived in Berlin and And while I can't imagine reaching for Re-Synthesist very often when Synthesist is handy (Grosskopf's. Oct 13,  · The American synthesist composes his music as a poet writes his verses and he furnishes his inspirations as a painter colors his paintings.

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Steve Roach created the perfect album of relaxation where the atonal music moves on subtle oscillations and slow implosions of a very melodious and charmingly lyrical synth.

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El concepto de “nuevas músicas” engloba un gran abanico de estilos diferentes, desde la mal llamada “new age”, la electrónica (escuela de Berlín, meditativa, planeadora. Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist ( reed) Batería y percusionista alemán que en los años 70, inmerso en la onda krautrock y la Escuela de Berlín, tocaba para Ash Ra Temple, Cosmic Jokers, Wallestein y Klaus mint-body.comés se animó en una carrera en solitario y desde luego no pudo empezar con mejor pie.

Feb 24,  · Five questions to Harald Grosskopf Born in Hildesheim - Germany - on October 23rdHarald Grosskopf is one of the most active musicians of his generation. Since the 70's he can de heard on more than 95 albums of very important bands and artists such as Wallenstein, Cosmic Jokers, Ashra Tempel/Manuel Author: Astronauta Pinguim.

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