Editorial writing about k12 in philippines

Many people were resistant to the new education system. It is not a matter of giving teachers some new definitions of terms. It is high time, however, that improve the quality of our basic education and our students.

In addition, high school graduates of the year curriculum are not yet We do not live at a time in which most people are willing to accept intellectual standards or use them in their thinking.

Writing an Editorial offers a thesis, Follow the pattern and style of editorial writing. This is a matter that goes directly to how teachers view education, their own most deep-seated habits of thought, and their primary values.

Benefits of the K-12 curriculum for Filipino students!

They will not grasp the intellectual moves to make in coaching the students through the task. This has always been seen as a disadvantage for our students who are competing in an increasingly global job market.

And to understand these structures, it is essential to understand intellectual criteria crucial to the assessment of these structures in action. Reasons for the K Education System 1.


The K to 12 curriculum is designed to provide a holistic education for all Filipino students. Academics for those who wish to pursue higher studies Technical-vocational for those who want to acquire employable skills after high school Sports and Arts for those who are inclined in the two fields.

There will be no need to study again and spend more money in order to qualify for international standards. Each track will give students enough time to master a field and enhance their skills. But language itself would be unintelligible without abstractions.

The K curriculum is more than just adding years to your child x27;s schooling. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. The government also encourages parents to think of the K to 12 curriculum guide not as having two extra years of high school, but as two years less of higher education.

Updated on September 2, more Source Filipinos are known to be competitive in the international community. Start your editorial with a thesis-like statement. Below is an outline of the K to 12 basic curriculum photo: Therefore, we must support the K educational plan to help improve our educational system and our economy.

With the new curriculum, DepEd promised to offer higher quality education through tracks. The abstract, the theoretical, and the intellectual are all extremely practical — if we understand them and the role they play in our lives. However, it is undeniable that there will be problems that arise as we implement the program, which could include a lack of budget, classrooms, school supplies, and teachers.

To understand intellectual work, it is essential to understand reasoning as an intellectual process.We need strong leadership in the K community to work toward a paradigm shift in our understanding of the role of the intellectual including the abstract and theoretical — in learning. K leadership must be local, unflappable, and long-suffering.

EDITORIAL - Give K a chance Addressing the rising cost of college education in the Philippines. I have been writing columns for 30 years now and not once have I ever endorsed anyone to. I think that K is a good thing because like what other people said, it can help up learn more and different things but I also wonder if the Philippines is ready for it.

Tags: K, School, Students, Opinion. K to 12 curriculum in the Philippines is more than just additional two years in high school.


Read this article to see the many benefits it has to offer. EDITORIAL Senate must reject Sotto’s 14th month pay bill By The Manila Times. August 25, 0. but his bill mandating “14th month pay” for all non-government workers is a potential disaster for Philippine labor and the economy, and must be rejected.

Sotto’s Senate Bill 2, which he hopes will become the “14th Month Pay. CIIT Philippines’ K Program CIIT K12 Program is a hybrid of the Academic and TVET Track which aims to combine the best of what the two tracks have to offer that will groom students for further education and employment.

Editorial writing about k12 in philippines
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