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Pricing Jay Pennington T If you work in magazine or fashion photography industry, you know the meaning of the word "High End". Development-editing is topic-focused editing for nonfiction projects.

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Extra Retouching Level - Unusual, New, Natural There is a way of editing which gives an opportunity to change the picture as much as it can be. Editing services pricing heavy edit can include all of the above plus structural issues on the document level, such as the reordering of paragraphs or cutting of redundant text, which calls for a more nuanced and in-depth understanding of the text.

Therefore, I also focus on improving the pace and tone, as well as enhancing the intended meaning. A Creative Consultation-plus includes all of the above plus everything itemized in Proofreading and Copy-editing. Your cost is commensurate with the level of edit demonstrated.

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For clients with a US bank account we can offer bank-to-bank transfers, referred to as mobile or email transfers, with some banks. You will not find these pictures anywhere.

Special image retouching rates to our bulk and returning clients We have unique offers, discounts, gifts or even freebies for our return users and for volume orders. Expert Editing We will: It requires more time spent by the retoucher on each of your images.

The per word cost of your edit usually falls into one of the following categories: It covers the techniques from the basic Retouching Level but it is full of the additional photo manipulations. Clients ask why so low photo retouching rates? The sample edit demonstrates what you can expect for the full edit and also helps us to verify the appropriate level of edit for your paper.

Dwolla is our preferred payment method. Cutting text, which we are often asked to do, is more costly because the editor has to make difficult decisions about what to cut.

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For the editing of academic manuscripts, the per-word editing rates range from 3. You will also receive suggestions about how to further improve the manuscript. Below there is information about what is the main difference between all levels, how to understand which one you should choose.

It will suit those who need a deep image post processing but do not have enough time for it by their own. Professional image manipulators and editors will rebuild a digital copy, remove aging effects, stains and restore missing parts of the composition.

You pay for the exact number of words that we edit. This word combination can be understood as something higher in price and of better quality than most others. In addition to the number of words, we look at the extent of editing required, quantifying the edits based on the amount of grammatical or wording problems in the lines.

It is the best rate for this type of work at the American photo retouching market. Per-Word Rates Several factors affect the cost of editing your paper. Within 48 hours of receiving your complete text, we will return our no-obligation sample edit and price quote for editing the rest of the document.

The purpose is to make the manuscript correct, consistent, and functional for its readers as well as entertaining.

The second main part of post processing is a basic retouching of people which includes teeth whitening, red eyes effect removing. Digital Photo Manipulation and Restoration - Fantastic, Surreal, Huge It is the most expensive service we provide and it costs its money.

The rate for exactly this type is higher because the digital retouchers pay additional attention to a lot of details.

If you need a formal quote for your institution, please contact us directly and we will be happy to provide one. What are the main benefits of choosing our qualified team you can find below. Line-editing includes all copy-editing issues then delves deeper to eliminate extraneous and overused words, run-on sentences, and redundancies.

So if you have any specific requirements, please inquire. We do reserve the right to refuse to do a sample edit if we do not think we can edit your full paper. It will usually suit people who want careful post processing of their works plus demand individual approach. How much should you pay?

Correct spelling and punctuation as per target journal instructions Adjust typography e.Standard Editing Native English Editor Language editing for correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure Correct & natural word usage check Tables & figures and references edited for spelling, grammar, and consistency Full transparency: always know who.

PRICING. Publishing Packages; Editing Options; AUTHOR LEARNING HUB. Editing Options With Xulon Press. Editing is one of the best investments you can make in the success of your book. It can be a game changer in a competitive marketplace.

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Xulon offers a wide variety of editing services for manuscripts in English and Spanish. Flexible Prices with No Surprises. Choose the Service That Works Best for You. Pricing for Publication Support Packages Full Support Package The package includes the following services. How We Charge for Our Academic Editing Services.

We do not charge a flat fee for editing a paper but customize our pricing to fit each specific paper. Professional book editing services can turn a good book into a great one. BookBaby Book Editing offers affordable manuscript editing from professional book editors. Get pricing information for our English Editing, translation, manuscript formatting, artwork preparation and plagiarism check services.

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