Daniel pratts influence on the south and autauga county

They built up a church in this little town Old Vernon which embraced all of its citizens except two or three and was famous at that day for its zeal. The sequel, however, of his life, from this transaction to his death in goes to show that such a transaction did not end well to his family.

More plantations There was another plantation just below this settled by Wm. Berry was a Baptist and nothing else, a good citizen, a man of genius, though of a kind and generous heart.

Wadsworth and a daughter living in Montgomery, keeping a large boarding house and, as I learn, making a fortune.

Village of Washington in 1886 – names of people – first county seat of Autauga County, Alabama

Thomas Simpson Woodward — Brig. The Uncle was a man of sterling worth, a Methodist steward—by trade, a farmer and for many years Tax Collector of the County. He was a successful farmer and a good citizen, if a member of any church, it was the Baptist. A memory remarkable for its tenacity, he could repeat what he had seen and heard with the greatest accuracy.

Graves from Georgia—a man of considerable means, a Methodist together with his wife and some of his children. Young Wadsworth had been raised to hard work on the farm and assisted his father in making a handsome little fortune.

Such, however, was the confidence of Col. Tom Woodward of Georgia. Cheek soon died, leaving his widow with one daughter—his widow marrying a third husband, Archibald Wilson, by whom I think the original Mrs.

Taylor afterwards married J.

People from Autauga County, Alabama

In the county seat was moved to a more central location at Kingston and the town of Washington dwindled until it was completely deserted in the late s.

Tom Woodward married Miss Dubose The next house is on the left of the road about a half mile distant and occupied temporarily by Gen. Hayne of South Carolina bought a large and very valuable plantation which embraced Manack Island in the Alabama River.

Berry is known to be a successful merchant and a fair dealer. At an advanced period of life he married a Miss DuBose of Dallas; he has long since passed away and whether or not he left any children, I know not.

Pope, contrary to the predictions of many, came out all right in the end and found himself a rich man. Both he and his wife were Methodists of the first stamp, both from Georgia—his wife a daughter of Robert Motley, Senior, who settled on Whitewater Creek and engaged in the lumber business and grinding of grist for the accommodation of a new County—he was very old and palsied but every inch of him a man of the right sort to settle a new country and give it a character.

Look to the right of the road and you see the house of Stephen Pearce on a high eminence, he was Uncle to the late Stephen Pearce who died in Prattville a few years since. Ramsey from Georgia, administered on his estate and kept the children— three sons and one daughter together till they became of age.

Nicholson died leaving a son and two daughters that I know of. In he died and his brother-in-law, Jas.

This man and his wife, both Methodists of the right stripe, his wife a daughter of Warren Stone and sister of Jimmie Nicholson. More early settlers Now look just to the left and you see the home of our acquaintance—Thornton Rice, who was the father of our lately deceased Wm.

Alsey Pollard, a wealthy planter from Georgia, owned a large and valuable plantation and a summer residence one mile west of Washington. The General had acquired a fine reputation for his success in fighting the Indians, for which he was peculiarly fitted. Frith had one daughter who had been made motherless by death.

Smith, who was born and raised in this County, and lives at the head of Bear Creek within a few miles of where he was born. He is now getting pretty far advanced in life.

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After he left Vernon, the church was broken up, every member moving off to other parts except two, myself and Wm. A man named Nolan and his little son undertook to cross this creek when in a swollen condition—their cart was upset and Nolen and his little son drowned.

Frith, a worthy man and a Methodist. Brantley Cheek a poor but very respectable young man. I must not forget to say that the widow of Maj. The location being unfavorable to health, these farms were merely stocked with negroes and superintended by overseers.

Wilkinson, a young man from East Tennessee whose prudent conduct introduced him into the best society. His fame followed him from Georgia, as he had many warm friends and acquaintances in and around Washington and other places.

They were in good standing in society and in their church, both good farmers and plentiful livers.Washington County deeds: May 28 to June 1 Buyer Seller Location Price Date Daryl K. Holcomb John C. Forgacs Fox Road, Granville $, 5/29 Scott W.

Fitzgerald Fat Bag LLC. (The first county seat of Autauga County, Alabama was at Jackson’s Mill but the court only met there long enough to select a permanent seat at Washington, built on the former site of Atagi in the southeast corner of the county.

In the county seat was moved to a more central location at. free websites for researching your Alabama family ancestors. Guides and reviews from An introduction to the analysis of the labor markets USA TODAY Travel When the Roman Empire disintegrated over the course an overview of wildwood new jersey as a vacation spot of the fifth century.

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Daniel pratts influence on the south and autauga county
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