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Act I[ edit ] Stone, a tough Los Angeles private eye, lies on a hospital gurney with a bullet in his shoulder and a lot on his mind.

The Cut Buddy 1001 Hair Line and Beard Lining Tool

But where does that leave Stine? The real-life scenes feature full-color sets and costumes, while the movie scenes are in black-and-white. She runs off with his gun, which is subsequently used to murder the quack doctor.

Stine has troubles of his own. We learn it was she who shot the producer; Stone has been covering for her all this time. Munoz has never forgiven Stone for "getting away with murder.

His wife Gabby has misgivings and wishes that he would stick to novels, but for now, Stine is enjoying the ride. Stone somehow manages to resist temptation -- which is more than can be said for his creator. He flashes back to a week earlier, when his loyal Girl Friday secretary, Oolie, ushered in a rich, beautiful woman named Alaura.

It was directed by Christopher Pazdernik and music directed by Aaron Benham. The man at the typewriter is Stine, author of the popular detective novel City of Angels, which he is adapting into a screenplay at the behest of Hollywood producer-director Buddy Fidler.

Stone, alone in his dreary bungalow, is listening to the radio: She begs him to reconsider killing off Mallory near the end. Cut to Buddy Fidler reading this scene in the screenplay: Buddy is butchering his script, his conscience is nagging him about his infidelity, and Stone, his own creation, is disgusted with him.

Stone, fighting to clear his name, is led to a brothel "LA Blues" where he is stunned to find Bobbi. In Hollywood, Stine is approached by a young starlet, Avril, who will be playing Mallory.

Alaura claims she wants Stone to find her missing stepdaughter, Mallory Kingsley, a beautiful "bad" girl. It was in Chicago, Illinois in March of Gabby has rejected him and his lover, Donna, has been rewriting his script.

Stine faces the collapse of his real and fictive worlds, and as his emotions take over, his wit turns bitter "Funny". Against his better judgment, he takes the case. Productions[ edit ] Broadway City of Angels opened on Broadway at the Virginia Theatre on December 11, [1] [2] and closed on January 19, after performances and 24 previews.

Stine is having a lousy time of it too. Stone confronts her at the mansion; they grapple for her gun; shots ring out. But Bobbi wanted stardom more than marriage, and when Stone caught her with a Hollywood producer based on Buddy tempers flared, a gun went off, and the producer was killed. Oolie, meanwhile, has discovered that Alaura is a fortune hunter who has already murdered one rich husband and is planning to do away with this one, once she had eliminated his son, daughter, and doctor.

A man at a typewriter appears onstage, and Stone and Alaura suddenly back up, "rewind," and play the scene with a few changes. Stone is mysteriously bailed out, but the two hoods catch up with him and nearly blow him up before he neatly turns the tables.About us. The annual WriteAngles conference and the on-line journal are produced by WriteAngles, Inc.

Jean-Marie Ruiz is president of WriteAngles, Inc., Cheryl Malandrinos is treasurer, Jan Whitaker is clerk, and the trustees are Joan Axelrod-Contrada, Daisy Mathias. Photo of Angel's Barber Shop - Spring Valley, CA, United States by Sam H.

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| eBay! City of Angels is a musical comedy with music by Cy Coleman, lyrics by David Zippel, and book by Larry Gelbart. The musical weaves together two plots, the "real" world of a writer trying to turn his book into a screenplay, and the "reel" world of the fictional film. NO MORE MISTAKES Use The Cut Buddy as a guide to reduce errors and mistakes on your beard, haircut, or mustache so you can feel great about how you look EVERY DAY SHARK TANK APPROVED Get the beard and haircut shaping template as seen on the hit TV show MULTIPLE PATENTED CURVES The ONLY template with MULTIPLE Curve Sizes/Angles that allow for DOZENS of angles.

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