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They felt weightlessness as the gravity of the moon was sixteen times less than that of earth. God has created this universe with a purpose. As an eye witness to the atomic explosion, he gives us description of the horrible destruction caused by the explosion.

So it was impossible for them to live independently under one rule. He tells us about his tailor in a funny way. There was always a smile of welcome on his face and a tape around his neck.

He was also a great moralist. But she did that and made every one surprise. Scott experiences in the Moon? Then the sun tore the clouds and showed its one corner. At that time only Pakistan was unified enough to lead other countries of her part on the way of progress.

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The writer companion jumped first. She looked down and saw the colorful earth. Search This Blog Many educated families consider it a taboo to send girls to schools. Science has not taught us to act like men. This visit is still present in my mind. The American sent nine expeditions on the moon between and He has simply described the character sketch of the tailor and has let us draw the moral ourselves.

It is proved that women are equal to men in all respects. Now it is the rule of the life. The people belonging to a lower caste was not be allowed to hear the recitation of their sacred book So, these are the reasons which forced the Muslims to demand for a separate homeland to live there according to the teachings of Islam.

So it was necessary for the people of Pakistan to utilize all the qualities of their mind and soul to get the maximum out of least given to them. They cause acid rain and smog. The solution to our problems lies in democracy, because democracy is the most popular form of government.

Finally the sun shone with full face and earth again turned into a colourful living thing.

There was no air, no water, no plants and no life. He suggested that they should defy aggression everywhere. Hindus were in majority with the ratio of 1: Birds forget the remains of dead and whistle to welcome the spring and new life.

But then the sun regained its brightness and world was again full of colors and vigor. She was tied up to an automatic opening device.

Its smell was like that of gun powder.

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David says that even today, looking at the moon arouses a feeling of nostalgia in him. If there is no sun, the earth would be dead. H Lawrence is a famous English poet, novelist and critic. Yeats says that in his childhood he remained sad but with the passage of time it vanished 3.

English Modern Essays Notes Ba englische moderne essay notes. Winter is the symbol of death while spring is the symbol of life.Notes For BA English (Language) Pujab University, Lahore, Pakistan Uploaded by Hafiz Ashfaq Ahmed Short cut Notes for the Preparation of English Language Paper of Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan/5(38).

Essay in the english notes book essays free download pratiyogita darpan may. One essay in their fourth year ba course and interpreting, english translation into. There is a shortage of teachers, playgrounds, libraries and laboratories.

Pakistan and the Modern World by Liaqat Ali Khan When the English government decided to quit from sub-continent, Hindus were ready to capture the reign after the departure of British. So for the Muslims, freedom from British rule was nothing but a change of masters. A note on the essay "Eclipse" ‘The Eclipse’ is a well-written essay.

Modern Essays Notes. Pakistan and Modern World. Home > Modern Essays Notes. Pakistan and Modern World-The Demands that Our Freedom Makes on Us. 25 Sep, Prof: Liaqat Ali Khan 2 Comments.

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4th year-English M-Essay-Walking on the Moon. walking on the moon by. Jun 06,  · A note on the essay "Eclipse" BA English ‘The Eclipse’ is a well-written essay by Virginia Woolf. It is a self-witnessed account of a solar eclipse which happened to take place in the northern parts of England on a morning of June.


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English Modern Essays Notes. By admin On October 3, In B.A Notes, Easy Notes & MCQS 3 Comments. Advertisment. You may Like below Posts: 4rth year English Notes Modern English Essays; BA English Notes: “The Old man and the Sea”.

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