An exploration at the turtle island of fiji

You can enjoy the sights of the beautiful Yasawa Islands from your luxurious Fijian Villa. Fly over an incredible array of natural wonders: Rest, explore, discover, play. A visit to Fiji is an experience like none other — a chance to live for a short time in a swirl of color, refreshed by tropical breezes, and inspired to awe — like a child again — by the bright and rich world within the blue ocean depths.

The traditional Fijian villas are separated by private beaches and generous expanses. Turtle Island gives you a cultural experience where you are embraced as family by gentle, engaging and noble hosts.

Must See Resort of Fiji – Turtle Island

He reforested the land, protected its wildlife, and created family by befriending the nearby villagers. One People We are all one.

There are 14 private beaches, with warm, azure waters and the aroma of tropical flowers floats about in the gentle breeze. What more perfect place to celebrate love than in our hidden Eden of private beaches, dark-leaved jungles, and sky-blue waters.

Turtle Island is the place to romance; for a romantic holiday, a wedding, a picture perfect proposal at sunset, a memorable honeymoon or anniversary, or a vow renewal in the privacy of your own beach! The paradise of Turtle Island resort offers a cultural experience where you embrace as family our gentle, engaging, noble hosts.

That is Turtle Island. The options, just like your new life, are wide open. You can enjoy this divine meal on the beach in front of our main Resort with the other island guests, or you can enjoy it in a quiet spot under palm trees in front of your bure.

If you desire love and connection, the light of the Fijian heart can reach you simply in a genuine and welcoming smile.

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These islands have a set of world-class beaches, as well as beautiful mountainous terrain that makes them a favorite destination for backpackers. Your home away from home is known as your Bure. As he nurtured the island, the island healed his spirit.

There is a wide variety of events to chooseincluding sea kayaking, glass bottom boats which give you a view of the exquisite sea life, guide scuba diving ,reef fishing and many more.

Your time on Turtle Island is your own—navigate a sailboat around the lagoon or let it float lazily in the sun, snorkel among bright clouds of fish, thunder through the rolling surf on horseback, or explore a green-shaded jungle trail. When you make your back roll entry into the turquoise waters, your sense of anticipation is quickly rewarded by total immersion into an exotic world.

For more information on honeymoons with Turtle Island, click here. After dinner, take in the talented, entertaining Fijians as they inspire you with local, favorite songs and dances.

You may also dine in other enchanting locations around the resort like Osyter Point where star gazing is surreal, on a striking mountain top, one of the docks, or in the comfort of your own bure.

Turtle Island always has a variety imported beers, French Champagne, and high quality spirits in stock. Its closest neighbours are Tuvalu to the north, Tonga to the east, Vanuatu to the west, New Caledonia to the southwest, the samoas and Wallis and Futuna to the northeast, and New Zealand to the southeast.

Turtle Island is the place to be with your loved one! If you desire ease, their exuberant and playful nature offers laughter and fond memories. If you desire acceptance, the generosity and humble nature of the Fijian people embraces you.

Snorkelling Dining Intimate and romantic dining in remote, private locations; breakfasts on your own private beach; open-air picnics; moonlight dinners by the seaside; meals under the stars by lantern light on a floating pontoon; fun-filled dinners with the rest of the guests—Turtle Island creates dining experiences that you will never forget.Turtle Island is a cultural haven for the Fijian way of life, rooted in ancient values of respect, community, and joy.

14 couples at a time enjoy acres of serene forests and pristine beaches. The island is powered by solar energy, produce is locally grown, and stunning villas are hand-crafted by Fijian artisans.

Jan 04,  · Fiji is in the luxury travel news lately, thanks to high-profile openings like Kokomo Island and Six Senses. But Turtle Island embodies the spirit of the Fiji—the sense of family that the people offer so effortlessly, a design that stems from a simpler time, a blissful disconnection from the outside world.

Turtle Island Fiji is the perfect getaway for newlyweds - a premier all inclusive private island resort for couples looking for pure Fijian romance.

What more perfect place to celebrate love than in our hidden Eden of private beaches, dark-leaved jungles, and sky-blue waters. Turtle Island is a private island paradise home to only 14 couples at a time.

Gentle winds carry the scent of tropical flowers and the warm, azure waters at our 14 secluded beaches beckon you to relax.

Turtle Island "Both your hearts are pounding as you gaze in awe at the wonder of Fiji just feet below the single engine floatplane. You feel the excitement build as the plane lands on the calm turquoise water and coasts to a stop just yards from a perfect beach where a half dozen Fijians are playfully singing under a "Welcome to Turtle.

Turtle Island

Escape to Fiji and revitalize yourself with a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. Price From* $11, USD. Trip Type. Custom-Made Travel. Days Turtle Island, Yasawa Island Group, Fiji.

An exploration at the turtle island of fiji
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